King County Window & Glass is always on the lookout for dedicated sales, project management and installation professionals.

We’ll be honest. We are pretty picky. But if you are a professional who cares about delivering excellence for your clients and being rewarded for it by your company, you should give us a shout.

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What we belive in


Work can offer unique utility to yourself, your family, your community and your world.


Mastering a trade is achieved through working at it regularly and reliably.


Creating results for people with high quality and integrity through your work is an essential part of a good life.


Learning and growing should be a central part of life.


Available Positions

Sales Specialist

As a sales specialist, you will play a crucial role in increasing sales by engaging visitors and aiding in the selection and management of client transactions. You’ll also be responsible for running a cash register, keeping the store clean and restocking inventory. You should also be able to change sales policies and offer business growth recommendations while also obtaining excellent problem-solving and interpersonal abilities.



A glazier’s responsibilities include precise measuring of existing glass, cutting glass, installing cut glass to specifications, assembling and fitting glass in shop windows, sliding doors, display cases, bathroom units and other home or commercial structures. Our top-notch glaziers provide a positive customer experience while consistently meeting high professional standards.



As a window installer, you will ensure work-site setup, perform basic and routine window or door installations and removal and perform work-site teardown and clean-up of the entire job site. Our installers are technicians, but they are also customer-service specialists and brand stewards to ensure customer satisfaction from start to finish.


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