How to Handle Broken Home Window Repair in Lakewood

We’ve compiled a how-to guide on dealing with broken home window repairs.

If you find yourself dealing with a broken home window in Lakewood, there’s no need to panic. We’ve compiled a how-to guide on dealing with broken home window repairs, so you can be well on your way to enjoying a day at the Lakewood Playhouse, American Lake or a hot pretzel at Hess Bakery.

Below, we discuss helpful tips on how you can determine if your broken window glass can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced, complete with steps you can take to get your window back into tip-top shape.

A clean window with a white vinyl frame is photographed from the inside, with a view of a green lawn and white work truck outside.

What To Do When You Have A Broken Home Window

Whether it’s from a baseball, flying debris from a storm or simply too much pressure applied to the glass pane, there are four main steps you’ll want to take at first notice your home has a broken window.

1. Clean Up

If there’s any glass scattered around the floor, sweep it up as soon as possible to keep your family, pets and guests safe from any potential injuries. If there is a chance to repair the window, keep the glass pieces in a safe spot in a jar, container or anywhere out of reach. Vacuum the smallest pieces, so that you don’t injure yourself with the smaller shards.

If the glass is damaged beyond repair, put the glass carefully in the trash. To protect your waste management crew, ensure that there are no sharp edges jutting out from the trash bag and try to keep it as contained as possible. 

If you’re dealing with some of the broken glass hanging off the window frame, and feel comfortable doing it, you can remove it yourself. Place a protective drop cloth or old blanket under the damaged window, tap the broken glass with the butt of a hammer and allow the blanket to catch the broken pieces.

2. Secure the Window Opening

Make sure that the damaged window opening is secure until your repair or replacement crew arrives. A good temporary solution is adding masking tape or packaging tape over the opening. 

If the window is only cracked, with no large glass pieces broken off, you can place tape over the cracks. Be sure to cover the entire area to keep it from cracking further.

If the windows are completely shattered, put tape all over the window frame. If you’re experiencing rain, heavy winds, snow or any other inclement weather, then you should add additional protection such as a plastic wrap, a trash bag or a blanket to keep the elements from wreaking havoc on your home.

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3. File an Insurance Claim

Depending on how the window was broken, you should file an insurance claim to save yourself some worry and trouble later. Take as many photos from different angles as you can, and if necessary, file a police report if you don’t know how the damage took place. 

Many broken windows are covered by homeowners insurance — especially if they are due to weather events or an unexpected break-in. Some insurance providers have certain requirements and steps to take to file a claim, so contact your agent to find out about your policy. Many insurers require the assistance of a window repair professional to help you meet your policy requirements. 

4. Contact a Glass Replacement & Repair Company

A professional window glass replacement and repair company will help you accurately assess and repair the damage. A broken window also usually brings the rest of your home’s windows and doors to the top of your mind, so if you’ve ever considered making a switch to more energy-efficient, durable or aesthetically-pleasing windows, this may be the perfect time.

A professional will be able to help you determine whether you need to repair or replace your broken window — but for good measure, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you determine your best options.

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Repair or Replace the Broken Window?

Depending on the damage, you can choose to either repair the broken glass or replace it entirely.

When to Repair

If it’s a single pane window and the damage is minor, then there is a possibility that the glass can be repaired. It is also important to look beyond just the glass. Examine the window sash and frame to see if it’s damaged or worn down. 

If the sash and the frame seem to be in good shape, then a glass repair could be the best and most affordable solution. 

When to Replace

Unfortunately, in many broken window situations, the glass has shattered into many pieces. When this happens, glass replacement may be your only viable option. 

If you repair or replace the broken window and still find yourself dealing with a draft or water intrusion, you’ll want to consider replacing the entire window, as your entire sash may be damaged. And while glass repair or replacement can technically be done by the average DIY homeowner, it’s always for the best to leave it to the professionals.

Window glass repair and replacement is a multi-step process that requires some know-how precision for peak comfort, safety and efficiency — and oftentimes a window can crack at odd angles that cannot be fixed easily without any prior window experience. The fastest and most practical solution is to find a company that will both produce and install your replacement glass.

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KC Window & Glass Has Window Solutions For You in Lakewood 

Repairing and replacing your broken window glass in Lakewood can be a complicated process if you’re trying to tackle it on your own — but it doesn’t have to be! To ensure all the correct steps are taken and that everything is completed accurately and timely, call our experts at KC Window & Glass.

There’s no need to deal with the project by yourself — once you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your new window glass is durable, safe, and will last a long time. We repair and replace glass windows of all kinds, from double- to triple-pane and all frame materials, and our warranty information can be found here. No matter your window type in Lakewood, KC Window & Glass has a solution for you.


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