The Best Ways to Handle Home Window Crack Repair in Sea-Tac

From masking tape to epoxy to finding a reputable window glass replacement specialist, we’ve got you covered. 

You woke up on a crisp Sea-Tac morning, and before you’ve even had your coffee, you noticed you had a crack in one of your windows. Instead of taking your pup to Grandview Leash-Off Dog Park or hiking with your family at Green River trail, you have to deal with a frustrating window crack repair.

To ensure you aren’t letting in excessive drafts, accumulating moisture or allowing in pests, it’s critical you replace your window crack as quickly as possible. From masking tape to epoxy to finding a reputable window glass replacement specialist, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve put together a list of the best ways to handle home window crack repair in the Seattle-Tacoma area so you make your way through the experience as smooth and as quickly as possible.

Masking tape can help fix home window cracks temporarily, but don't rely on this for our wet Sea-Tac Climate

Masking tape can be a temporary fix for cracked home window glass.

The first solution is the easiest solution. Take masking tape and cover the crack completely with it. This short-term fix will help you keep the crack from spreading and seal it. This is a cheap option, but unfortunately, it is a temporary fix. 

On top of it being temporary, it’s not very aesthetically pleasing. Go for clear packing tape if possible to lessen the distraction. But, it’s important to keep the crack from spreading so taking this first step is great if the crack is small enough and you don’t want to deal with buying extra supplies or doing a replacement right away.

Clear nail polish or glue is a low cost fix for home window cracks

Glue can help fix home window cracks.

The second most cost-efficient and accessible solution is utilizing clear nail polish or glue, especially if you already have them on hand. Fill the crack with your solution of choice and let it dry. You may need to repeat the process a few times to fill it completely. 

This solution is slightly more aesthetically pleasing than tape because it is less visible, but again, this solution is only reasonable for small cracks to stop it from spreading and to seal it.

Epoxy is a durable fix anyone can do for home window cracks, even in a wet area like Sea-Tac

Epoxy is a great, durable way to fix home window cracks.

If you’re looking for a more semi-permanent fix without doing a full glass replacement, epoxy is a great solution. Epoxy is a thermosetting polymer that gives you a strong seal and a clean look for your windows. When done effectively with the right materials, epoxy can sometimes nearly erase the entire existence of a window crack.

Before you fill the crack with epoxy, make sure you thoroughly clean the window. Be careful if there are any glass pieces jutting out. Dish soap works as a great cleaning agent and you more than likely already have it at home. Just add a drop or two of dish soap on a damp cloth and remove all the dust, oil or fingerprints on your glass that could slow down the epoxy process.

Then, you can fill the crack with epoxy, repeating the process as many times as necessary. At the store, you may have an epoxy mix that comes with two separate containers (resin and hardener) which will need to be mixed together before it’s applied to the window crack. If you have a ready epoxy mix, you can apply it immediately. Just read your box instructions to make sure.

Once the epoxy is mixed together, you have around five to ten minutes of working time before the epoxy becomes too thick to seep into the crack. Use a putty knife to apply it to the window crack evenly and then wait five minutes for it to cure.

When it’s dry and you’re done filling, you will need to scrape off any extra dried resin. A razor blade works great. Then, you can wipe the area with a rag slightly dampened in acetone. While it’s a little more of a complicated application process, if done correctly, your window crack should look as good as new after sitting for around 24 hours.

Replacing the cracked glass is the best way to eliminate the problem completely at your home

Professionally replacing your home's window glass might be the only way to eliminate a large crack.

Sometimes, a crack is significant enough that your best solution is a glass replacement. The great thing about a glass replacement is it is a permanent fix. 

Unfortunately, this solution is the costliest and the most time-consuming. But, it is one of the only fixes for a large crack that damages the integrity of your window. Window glass repair or replacement can technically be done by the average, DIY homeowner — but leaving the process to the professionals is safer and ensures impeccable results.

If you find the right glass replacement specialist in Sea-Tac, this solution is easy, quick and affordable. That’s where King County Window & Glass comes in.

King County Window & Glass Home Window Crack Repair in Sea-Tac

We understand that repairing your windows can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be with King County Window & Glass. To ensure all steps are taken correctly and everything is completed perfectly, trust your window crack repair with our professionals at King County Window & Glass. 

Specializing in home window repair and replacement of all kinds, from single- to double- to triple-pane windows, we also encompass all frame materials from wood to fiberglass to aluminum to vinyl. If this window crack seems like the perfect time to upgrade instead of just replace, we also offer egress windows, noise reduction solutions and more energy-efficient options to start saving money on your utility bills.

Whether you need a home window repair or a full window replacement, we can provide you with a high-quality solution that lasts and fits into your budget. We also offer a one-year warranty on your window installation (on top of any manufacturer’s warranty) to guarantee your peace of mind.

Don’t stress over your window crack, leave it to our trusted professionals for a local, affordable and high-quality solution in the Seattle-Tacoma area. To get started today, contact us for a quote or for friendly advice on how to make the right choice for you and your family.


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