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Home Window Replacement in Covington, WA

Have a view that’s being interrupted by cracks and fog? Looks like it’s time to replace your old windows so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor view. King County is dedicated to delivering the windows you want with our custom window options and installation services in Covington. Our team is here to deliver the best results while relieving your stress.


Doors in Covington, WA

Wanting a door that not only looks great but works effortlessly? Here at King County, we believe that you can have the best of both worlds. We offer sliding door and french door options in Covington, WA, so you can get the look that fits your home’s design. Our experts are dedicated to giving you the best door solutions possible while providing a quality experience.


Glass Repairs in Covington, WA

Aged, broken glass not only takes away from your home’s aesthetics, but it can also be dangerous and inefficient. Why keep that glass around any longer than you have to? We offer glass repair and replacement in Covington so you can have peace of mind knowing your glass is performing to the best of its ability. The experts at King County Glass will make the process quick and easy, so you can rest easy get back to your day in no time.


Mirror Solutions and Installation in Covington, WA

Tired of looking into your mirrors and getting a tarnished, cracked reflection looking back? Nobody wants to have to wander from mirror to mirror just to get a clear reflection. Let King County help with your mirror needs, as we offer mirror solutions and installation in Covington, WA. Our team works on mirrors all the time in your area, so let them come help you, too.


Shower Doors and Walls in Covington, WA

Showers let you wash off all the worries of the day — unless you are unsatisfied with your shower design itself. Old, outdated showers can cause your soothing experience to become a critique session. Rely on King County’s custom shower solutions in Covington, WA to create the perfect shower design for you. Our professionals are here to provide the relaxing and quality shower you envision.


Skylights Services in Covington, WA

Skylights are a great way to add a unique element to your space while adding natural light and creating better ventilation. The team at King County are prepared to update your outdated skylight or install a new one in your Covington, WA home. You can expect an easy installation process with incredible results.


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What Our Customers in covington, wa Have to Say

So thankful for King County Window & Glass! Daniel was so helpful and was able to get a quote written up and sent over to my email quickly once I gave him some rough measurements. Most places I contacted only do replacements of the ENTIRE window so I was pleased to find out that KC Window & Glass would fix the affected panes for a VERY reasonable price. Jeff was able to cut the glass onsite since they were single pane. He fixed two shed windows within a couple hours. Thank you Daniel, Carla, and Jeff for your awesome customer service!

- Mikaela V.

"We recently replaced the glass in 30 windows in our home.  Jeff and Sergy did an amazing job! Not only did they wear their masks and take their shoes off, they made sure our dog didn't get out as they moved in and out of the house.  They were professional, efficient and tidy. The process was great from quote to completion.  Carol, in the office was a pleasure to work with.  Can't say enough good things about King County Window & Glass!"

- Tracy U.

"It’s been more than a week since our windows were upgraded and it’s been great!The perceived noise level is considerably lower, both traffic (which we now almost do not hear at all) and sounds like ambulance/police. Please also pass our thanks to guys who did the work – they did a great job, fast and clean!"

- Alexey

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When you’re dealing with broken glass in Covington, WA, time is not on your side. That’s why we turn around quotes within 2 business days. All we need is a little information and a few rough measurements. What are you waiting for?


I live in Covington, WA and want to redo my shower, but I don’t want a high-maintenance design. What option is best for a low-maintenance but high-quality shower design?

Most shower designs can be modified to lessen maintenance. For example; solid surface walls do not have grout lines that need cleaning. Glass shower walls and doors can be ordered with special coating that resist mineral build up, and stay crystal clear longer between cleanings.

My house in Covington, WA needs window replacements, but I am not sure if it’s best to replace them all at one time or do it in phases. How many windows should I replace at once

While we usually recommend that if all your windows need replaced you should replace them all at the same time, we do understand that is not always possible.  There are two things to consider on phasing window replacement;  

1) Will the contractor need specialty equipment to reach any of your windows, such as scaffolding or a boom lift.  If they do, you should absolutely do all the windows that need that equipment at once to avoid paying to rent and setup up that equipment multiple times.

2) If you are changing the look of your windows, you should consider doing one or two sides of your house per phase.  Mismatched windows right next to each other can look a little odd, but windows that different on the front and the back of the house are hardly ever noticed from the exterior.

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