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Home Window Replacement in Normandy Park, WA

Unsightly or inefficient windows can really harm a home’s design and value. Whether your windows are broken, old or have impaired glass, investing in a single window or whole-home replacement is a way to revamp your home. King County offers quality window replacements at a fair price. Our one-stop shop allows you to have a seamless experience, and our Normandy Park, WA experts can’t wait to help.


Doors in Normandy Park, WA

Because doors are the first and last thing your guests see when they come over to your house, it’s important that they are aesthetically pleasing and work effortlessly. If you’re looking for a door solution, King County offers sliding glass doors and french door options. With our Normandy Park experts, you’ll get quality service and incredible results.


Glass Repairs in Normandy Park, WA

When it comes to glass, you deserve pristine quality that also offers functional properties. If you have cracked, foggy or old glass, it’s time to get an upgrade with King County Window & Glass. Our Normandy Park, WA professionals will take that impaired glass and turn it into a gorgeous focal point.


Mirror Solutions and Installation in Normandy Park, WA

When you look into a mirror, you want to see a clear reflection looking back. It’s time to get rid of those old, broken or foggy mirrors that are more of an eyesore than a great design element. Call King County Window & Glass for a custom mirror solution — our Normandy Park experts are willing to update your mirrors to fit your design dreams.


Shower Doors and Walls in Normandy Park, WA

Invest in your shower design — take your outdated or damaged shower doors and walls and make them new again. With King County Window & Glass, we will bring your shower back to life. Utilize our Normandy Park team — they are in your area all the time and are ready to help with your custom shower design.


Skylights Services in Normandy Park, WA

Looking for a way to add more lighting to your room or add an extra design element to your space? Think about installing a skylight. Even if you already have a skylight, you can revamp its design by replacing it with a new one or repairing its broken parts. King County Window & Glass has incredible skylight services available — our Normandy Park team provides high-quality skylight installation and repair.


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What Our Customers in Normandy park, wa Have to Say

So thankful for King County Window & Glass! Daniel was so helpful and was able to get a quote written up and sent over to my email quickly once I gave him some rough measurements. Most places I contacted only do replacements of the ENTIRE window so I was pleased to find out that KC Window & Glass would fix the affected panes for a VERY reasonable price. Jeff was able to cut the glass onsite since they were single pane. He fixed two shed windows within a couple hours. Thank you Daniel, Carla, and Jeff for your awesome customer service!

- Mikaela V.

"We recently replaced the glass in 30 windows in our home.  Jeff and Sergy did an amazing job! Not only did they wear their masks and take their shoes off, they made sure our dog didn't get out as they moved in and out of the house.  They were professional, efficient and tidy. The process was great from quote to completion.  Carol, in the office was a pleasure to work with.  Can't say enough good things about King County Window & Glass!"

- Tracy U.

"It’s been more than a week since our windows were upgraded and it’s been great!The perceived noise level is considerably lower, both traffic (which we now almost do not hear at all) and sounds like ambulance/police. Please also pass our thanks to guys who did the work – they did a great job, fast and clean!"

- Alexey

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When you’re dealing with broken glass in Normandy Park, WA, time is not on your side. That’s why we turn around quotes within 2 business days. All we need is a little information and a few rough measurements. What are you waiting for?


My Normandy Park, WA home is on the water. I want the glass in my doors and windows to be able to withstand the winds and saltwater. What’s the best option for these needs?

Glass is impervious to saltwater.  The sealants we use are as well.  The main culprit for damage from saltwater exposure is a wood framed window.  We would recommend vinyl frames, or for the most aesthetically pleasing, durable upgrade, choose fiberglass.

All our glass is quite wind laid resistant, however, if you often have debris flying in high winds, you may want to investigate either a screen over the window to provide a barrier, or a polycarbonate outer glass pane.  These offer the ultimate projectile protection.

I want to install a skylight in my Normandy Park, WA home. Since it rains a lot here, is it still okay to install a skylight or would it be better to go with a traditional window solution?

A well installed skylight is as water proof as the surrounding roof. The trick is getting a great framing contractor to help with the installation, and a great roofer to make sure the drainage works after the installation. Windows are a much easier solution, and are usually protected by the eaves of a house,

My Normandy Park, WA home has windows with a few cracks. Should I do a repair or replacement?

That depends on what part of the window is cracked. If just the glass is cracked and the frame is in good condition we would recommend replacing the glass. If the frame is cracked or warped we would recommend replacing the whole window assembly.

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