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Being in a city like Seattle with its ever-changing weather, it’s important to have access to your patio to enjoy the fresh air when you have a chance. Having patio doors that open and close effortlessly makes going outdoors even more enticing. That’s why you need King County’s glass and sliding door installation experts in Seattle, WA to make sure the job is done professionally. We are in Seattle, WA installing sliding doors near you every day, so feel free to reach out!

Multi-Story Windows in Seattle, WA

Windows that really showcase the amazing Seattle, WA views can be a great feature for a home. Whether you are installing new windows or repairing old ones, the experts at King County Window and Glass in Seattle, WA can help you get windows to fit your building’s needs, making your views even more irresistible.

Doors in Seattle, WA

Having a door that adds an appealing design element while still working smoothly is crucial for a home. Because you use your doors on a daily basis, why not make them as beautiful and efficient as possible? King County works near you and offers sliding glass doors and french door sales to help elevate your home’s design. Our Seattle, WA team will work with you to ensure your doors are perfect for your project.


Living with cracks and foggy glass in your windows isn’t fun. They not only ruin views, but the cracks can also let unwanted cold or hot air from outdoors into your home. With King County glass repairs, your windows can look — and function — as good as new. The Seattle, WA team will ensure the repair process goes smoothly.

Mirror Solutions and Installation in Seattle, WA

From bathrooms to gyms, mirrors can be a feature piece in any room. However, having a mirror that isn’t high quality can be more of an eyesore than a focal point. If you are searching for mirror solutions and installation services near you, King County is the answer. Find someone in Seattle, WA to help you find the right mirror for your project, ensuring that it adds a special element to your space.

Skylights Services in Seattle, WA

Skylights can be a beautiful addition to a room — as long as they are installed correctly. If installed incorrectly, skylights can become an annoying, ongoing project, causing more stress and worry. Whether it’s a new skylight installation or upgrading your out-of-date skylight, our Seattle, WA skylight professionals will help ensure your skylight is installed to perfection.

Shower Doors and Walls in Seattle, WA

Bathrooms can be an oasis for many people, so why not make it look and feel just how you dreamed? With King County’s custom shower glass solutions, you can design the perfect shower for your home. Our Seattle, WA experts are motivated to get you the shower you’ve been dreaming of and create an oasis you deserve, all while offering a painless purchase and installation experience.

Window Replacement in Seattle, WA

Having both functioning and aesthetically pleasing windows is something we believe in. One of the few local shops to sell and install windows, King County Window and Glass has the inventory and expert installers you need to meet your window needs. Let the King County Seattle, WA professionals help create a great window installation experience for you.

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What Our Customers in seattle, wa Have to Say

So thankful for King County Window & Glass! Daniel was so helpful and was able to get a quote written up and sent over to my email quickly once I gave him some rough measurements. Most places I contacted only do replacements of the ENTIRE window so I was pleased to find out that KC Window & Glass would fix the affected panes for a VERY reasonable price. Jeff was able to cut the glass onsite since they were single pane. He fixed two shed windows within a couple hours. Thank you Daniel, Carla, and Jeff for your awesome customer service!

- Mikaela V.

"We recently replaced the glass in 30 windows in our home.  Jeff and Sergy did an amazing job! Not only did they wear their masks and take their shoes off, they made sure our dog didn't get out as they moved in and out of the house.  They were professional, efficient and tidy. The process was great from quote to completion.  Carol, in the office was a pleasure to work with.  Can't say enough good things about King County Window & Glass!"

- Tracy U.

"It’s been more than a week since our windows were upgraded and it’s been great!The perceived noise level is considerably lower, both traffic (which we now almost do not hear at all) and sounds like ambulance/police. Please also pass our thanks to guys who did the work – they did a great job, fast and clean!"

- Alexey

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When you’re dealing with broken glass in Seattle, WA, time is not on your side. That’s why we turn around quotes within 2 business days. All we need is a little information and a few rough measurements. What are you waiting for?


What do I do if the heavy Seattle traffic makes my house too noisy?

King County Window & Glass is the Seattle specialist in sound transmission reduction. Utilizing different types of insulated glass units, we can convert your existing window into a noise reduction solution.

Does the rainy Seattle weather affect the type of skylight in a home or installation process?

Every skylight King County sells is NAMI certified to the NAFS Standard for air infiltration, water penetration and structural loading.

We always try to schedule a skylight installation on a dry day, but Seattle gets precipitation, on average, 155 days per year. When scheduling for a dry day is impossible, we use tents, awnings and floor coverings to minimize water intrusion.

I live in Seattle and it looks like there's moisture between the panes of glass on my windows — what is this and how is it fixed?

Moisture between the panes of your windows is almost always the result of a failed seal. This is usually fixable by replacing the insulated glass inside your existing window frame.

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