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Home Window Replacement in Orting, WA

Windows can really make or break a home — aesthetically and efficiently. Broken or impaired glass can let unwanted air in and out, can let pests intrude your home and can become a hazard if broken glass is involved. King County believes that you and your home deserve high-quality windows that look and function properly — that’s why we both sell and install windows. Rely on our Orting, WA team for all your window replacement needs.


Doors in Orting, WA

When it comes to home’s doors, you want them to work efficiently, look welcoming and last for years. With King County Window & Glass, you can ensure you’re getting quality door solutions. Our sliding glass doors and french door sales options allow you to get the look you want without sacrificing functionality. Our Orting, WA professionals are available to update your door design.


Glass Repairs in Orting, WA

Your home deserves pristine glass throughout its design. It’s time to replace any old, broken or foggy glass in your home with new, quality glass — let King County help. Our Orting, WA team wants to take your home and make it the focal point of the community.


Mirror Solutions and Installation in Orting, WA

It’s no secret that mirrors are featured in almost every home as functional design elements. However, they only reach their full potential if they have clear and clean glass. Let King County revamp your mirror designs with mirror solutions and quality installations. Our Orting, WA team has lots of experience and is dedicated to providing you with a great experience with amazing results.


Shower Doors and Walls in Orting, WA

When it comes to the design of a shower, it should exude relaxation and tranquility. With King Country custom shower doors and walls, you can create a shower that you look forward to after a long day. Our Orting, WA professionals are motivated to help you create your own personal spa while delivering a quality experience.


Skylights Services in Orting, WA

As homes begin to incorporate skylights into their design, it’s important to have experienced professionals complete the installation or repair an outdated version. With King County skylight services, you can rest easy knowing our dedicated Orting, WA team can give you a beautiful new skylight installation or a quality replacement or repair.


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What Our Customers in orting, wa Have to Say

So thankful for King County Window & Glass! Daniel was so helpful and was able to get a quote written up and sent over to my email quickly once I gave him some rough measurements. Most places I contacted only do replacements of the ENTIRE window so I was pleased to find out that KC Window & Glass would fix the affected panes for a VERY reasonable price. Jeff was able to cut the glass onsite since they were single pane. He fixed two shed windows within a couple hours. Thank you Daniel, Carla, and Jeff for your awesome customer service!

- Mikaela V.

"We recently replaced the glass in 30 windows in our home.  Jeff and Sergy did an amazing job! Not only did they wear their masks and take their shoes off, they made sure our dog didn't get out as they moved in and out of the house.  They were professional, efficient and tidy. The process was great from quote to completion.  Carol, in the office was a pleasure to work with.  Can't say enough good things about King County Window & Glass!"

- Tracy U.

"It’s been more than a week since our windows were upgraded and it’s been great!The perceived noise level is considerably lower, both traffic (which we now almost do not hear at all) and sounds like ambulance/police. Please also pass our thanks to guys who did the work – they did a great job, fast and clean!"

- Alexey

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When you’re dealing with broken glass in Orting, WA, time is not on your side. That’s why we turn around quotes within 2 business days. All we need is a little information and a few rough measurements. What are you waiting for?


I just bought a home in Orting, WA and want to redo all the shower doors and walls. How long would you project it would take to redo 3 shower designs?

That depends on how extensive the redo is.  If it includes new tile and plumbing fixtures, it will take longer than simply replacing the glass doors and glass walls with new.  Our shower design process has four steps:

1) We need to get the exact dimensions of the showers you would like replaced. This is usually pretty quick, about an hour for each shower.

2) Design is where you get to choose what your glass looks like, what hardware you would like and if you would like easy clean glass or other options to enhance your bathrooms look.

3) Ordering can take 7-21 days depending on the complexity and size of the piece of showers.

4) After we get the glass delivered we will schedule an installation at your location.  Expect a single shower door to take 1-2 hours, and a larger or multi-piece shower to be from three or four hours to multiple days.

My Orting, WA home needs a front door replacement. However, I want to put in french doors instead of my original door. How does this process work?

The opening will need to be reframed. The siding is peeled back on the exterior and drywall cut out on the interior, and new support framing is installed. The door is installed, and trim applied to the exterior, and new drywall on the interior.

My home in Orting, WA has a skylight that’s broken. I either want to repair it or remove it, as I don’t really want it anymore. Do you do skylight removals as well?

We do not, however a reputable framing or roofing company should not have a problem with this. It is much easier to repair a hole in a roof (which is all a skylight really is) to be leak proof than it is to go the other way.

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