Winter Prep: Steps To Ensure Your Covington, WA Home is Cold-Weather Ready

We have a detailed guide on how to winter prep windows, your glass doors and any skylights. Whether it’s prioritizing weatherproofing or considering vinyl replacement windows, we have you covered to keep you warm this season and beyond.

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Winter is coming. Colder weather is right around the corner, so before you hunker down for the season and get cozy, take some simple steps to ensure your Covington, WA home is ready to take on the chilly winter. 

Below, we have a detailed guide on how to winter prep windows, your glass doors and any skylights. Whether it’s prioritizing weatherproofing or considering vinyl replacement windows, we have you covered to keep you warm this season and beyond.

The Importance of Winter Prepping Your Home

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When prepping for winter, don’t be tempted to overlook key steps in maintaining your home and its systems. Frigid cold and winter storms can cause damage to the exterior of your home and put unwanted stress on its systems. If you want to save on unexpected and costly repairs, prioritize simple tasks at the beginning of the season.

Focus on routine maintenance of your heating system to ensure it works when you need it most on those below-zero temperature nights. Replace any old filters and clean your pipes, ducts and motors. A solid tune-up keeps your heating system running smoothly all winter.

Drain your lawn irrigation systems if you have them to save your sprinklers come spring. Turn off any exterior faucets for hose connections to keep your pipes from freezing. Prune overgrown trees to avoid potential damage during windy storms. 

Clean out your gutters that can collect leaves and inspect your downspouts to ensure any melted snow can get out. Check your roof for any missing shingles to make sure you don’t get leaks when snow piles up on top.

Once you’ve covered your bases on tune-ups and inspections, you can focus on your glass surfaces, a vital spot for keeping your home safe and warm throughout the coldest season of the year.

Winter Prep: Windows, Glass Doors and Skylights

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When it comes to preparing for colder weather, it’s important to place an emphasis on your glass surfaces, which includes windows, glass doors and skylights. To ensure your home is protected for winter, walk through the following steps.

1. Inspect

If your windows, doors and skylights can’t properly close, they allow cold air and moisture in. Inspect all your glass surfaces for any cracks or damages that might warrant repair or replacement. 

Open and close them, latch and unlatch them and see if anything sticks. If any of your windows, doors or skylights are difficult to operate, try cleaning and lubricating them. Latches can wear or break from extended use. If a thorough cleaning and extra lubrication don’t help, it may be time to repair or replace them. 

It is also important to check the frames and the glass. If there’s any potential damage, air and water will seep in, raising your energy bills and creating potential mildew and mold.

If your windows, doors and skylights need fixing, you can purchase replacement parts and make the repair yourself, but we recommend contacting your local window repair professional to ensure precision and accuracy.

2. Weatherproof

If there are any gaps or cracks in your door or window frames, you’ll want to caulk and seal them. Sealant and caulk are crucial during the winter months because they create a strong barrier between your frame and exterior siding. 

All your seals should be water and airtight to prevent a cold and uncomfortable home. If any water seeps in and freezes, the damage is costly. Pay attention to the lower corners of your windows and under any joints, as this is most likely where water will collect.

If your caulk or sealant from last year is damaged or broken, remove it. Clean and dry the area, followed by a fresh layer of caulk around the exterior perimeter and between the frame and exterior trim boards.

You can install weatherstripping around the windows if needed. Proper weatherstripping should be tight, and be sure to cover the space between your window sash and frame to reduce any leaks. 

There are many different types of weatherstripping to choose from, so do your research and pick the option that is best for your home and budget. Some options to choose from are tension-seal, felt, pile, frost-brake threshold, foam, rolled vinyl gasket or door sweeps.

3. Maintain

Maintaining your hardware and locks is important. Take a look at your hinges and locks. Lubricate them to prevent freezing during cold weather. A popular choice is polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as PTFE.

This is a Teflon-based lubricant that dries inside the lock to leave behind a non-stick and water-repellant film on your hardware. It also deflects dust and dirt, keeping it in top-working condition.

4. Consider an Upgrade

Sealing, caulking and weatherstripping will keep your windows, doors and skylights operating at peak efficiency in cold, winter months. But, over time, these efforts may not pay off as much as they used to if you don’t have energy-efficient windows and glass doors. 

Installing energy-efficient options will keep your space warmer during the coldest months and gradually decrease your energy bills. While it is a higher investment, it pays for itself over time. Look for replacements that offer lower U-factors and higher solar heat gain coefficients. These options give you better insulation against frigid temperatures and more warmth from the natural sunlight.

Find a Trusted Vinyl Replacement Windows Provider in Covington, WA

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Repairing and replacing a window before the winter months come around can be a complicated process. Windows and doors need many steps completed perfectly to have a final replacement product that lasts. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, trust it to the professionals.

No matter how you decide to invest in your windows, King County Window & Glass can offer a solution, along with the right services to finish the job. From glass repair to mirror replacement to skylight installation, there are several products and services available to help you protect your home effectively this winter in Covington, WA. 

King County Window & Glass makes the process of window repair and replacement easy. Get a quote today and let us help simplify your winter prep.


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